More advice about software documentation

Especially documenting APIs.

Early last year, in the blog entry Doing a podcast interview about technical writing, I described an interview I did for the IEEE Software Engineering Radio podcast. Listening to it again this week I saw that I covered a lot of good ground. Since then I have thought of a few other points I wish I’d mentioned, so here they are in another bulleted list. Because of some recent experience I had enough thoughts about documenting APIs that I gave that discussion its own section below.

Using the AWS Graph Explorer with Fuseki and local datasets

An open source visual graph navigator.

When I first heard about the AWS Graph Explorer I assumed that it was a cloud-based tool for use with Neptune, the AWS cloud-based triplestore. After I read Fan Li’s First Impressions of the AWS Graph Explorer I realized that you can install this open source tool locally and point it at any SPARQL endpoint you want, so I cranked up Jena Fuseki on my laptop, loaded some data into it, and installed the Graph Explorer.